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The official home of EALING Computer Repair and the esouris.com website. EALING Computer Provides Remote Support and Pc Cleanup Services Call Us First!

For local computer repair service we provide pickup and drop off service, remote computer repair cleanups and virus removal.


What is remote computer repair? Exactly what it says! we can fix your computer over the internet and accept electronic payment no matter where you are located all that is required is a broadband connection. Your pc can be cleaned up, performance will be improved, viruses and spyware can be removed.



We are always updating the online mall so check back often! Want to be in the online mall contact us we do websites at very reasonable rates get website hosting $120.00 per year! *domain cost not included – domains run $10 to $50 per year depending on the registrar and are not required if you choose to have your site in a sub directory of esouris.com